"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." Winston Churchill

"If you listen to your horse, you get an education. If you don't, you get an experience". Mark Rashid

"Horses are fiercely loyal and committed. They give us tremendous gifts, if we only allow ourselves to be open to them". Kate Solisti-Mattelon – Conversations with Horse

"Learning about our horses is learning about ourselves". Linda Tellington-Jones

"If you want to get close to the horse, you have to get close to yourself. Then the horse can come to you". Carol Nichols

"Living and working with horses expands our awarness of creation and allows us to experience and enjoy a new dimension of intimacy with it". Adelie, Deborah and Thomas Mc Cormick, Horses and the Mystical Path.

"We act in our own best interests when we ... let horses guide us, because in the eyes of reflective, openheart creatures, we can never be too joyful, too beautiful, or too free". Linda Kohanov, Riding between the Worlds.